1. Log on to 14 Step Community 
  2. Click on the Daily Meditation Challenge
  3. Write in your journal the date & time you are participating
  4. Follow the guidance of the breath
  5. Write down the color, number & animal code for the day 
  6. Write down 3 things your grateful for
  7. Repeat for 6 more days 
  8. On the 7th day, write down your top short term and long term goals 
  9. Write a plan for how you want to invest or save the money 
  10. Get your parents to sign the plan
  11. Have your parents take a picture of your codes, gratitude, goals & plan for the money 
  12. Parents send us the picture at the end of the week 
  13. We wire back based on partipation
  14. Money is then transferred to the child & the next week re-starts the process