14 Step is designed to help you breathe, calm down & be present in the moment.. as well as learn how to earn, save, & invest money wisely.  



 1. Log in to 14 STEP & find a comfortable, distraction-free spot to sit

2. Click the "Practices" tab for your daily mindfulness video

3. Click "Join" and focus on the guided breathing

4. Listen for today's color, number, and animal codes

5. Click the link next to the daily video to submit your journal ✅

6. Complete these steps before the day is over (at 12:00 AM EST)

7. You earn money back every day that you complete these steps



8. Submit your daily journal, then click the WEEKLY turn-in link ✅ 

9. Set a short-term & long-term goal for yourself

10. Record your money plan

11. 14 STEP will tally your participation

12. You will be sent a receipt so you can keep track of your earnings

13. The money you earn from the week is transferred to your parents

14. You can then check on your money, and use it according to plan


How much do you earn per week? 

6 daily turn-ins  = $50

5 daily turn-ins = $40

4 daily turn-ins = $30

3 daily turn-ins = $20 

+ $10 for every friend you refer to Money-Back Mindfulness