14 Step Autism Spectrum Family Plan

At 14 Step, we recognize the need for easily accessible tools that address the unique challenges of autism and the desire for natural solutions like meditation, rather than more medication. Our platform offers a space where families can practice mindfulness, share, and grow together, finding peace and stability in their everyday lives through the medicine of breathing.

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By starting a 7-day free trial, you can access daily breathwork exercises that can help you and your adolescent recharge your energy levels or achieve a state of calmness whenever you need.

The app also equips you with tools to observe and embrace your thoughts and emotions, release tension, and return to presence. Those who engage in daily practice will find themselves with a more grounded and centered energy.

Tailored Strategies for Teens &Ā Pre-Teens

Our specially designed content for adolescents focuses on simple breathing techniques that cater to their evolving emotional and cognitive needs. These strategies help improve focus, reduce anxiety, and manage the social stresses that can come with school and peer interactions. Each session is crafted to engage young minds at just the right level, making the practice both fun and beneficial.

Understanding Masking &Ā Embracing Authenticity

Masking, often adopted by individuals on the autism spectrum to conform to social norms, can lead to significant emotional fatigue. At 14 Step, we provide techniques that encourage self-acceptance and the confidence to express oneā€™s true self. Our mindfulness exercises help reduce the necessity for masking by fostering environments where unique behaviors are understood and valued.

Stimming & Self-Regulation Through Breathing

Stimming behaviors, such as hand-flapping or rocking, are common among autistic individuals and serve as coping mechanisms for emotional regulation or sensory management. Our platform integrates breathing exercises that can be used as a form of stimming, providing a calming effect, reducing sensory overload, and helping maintain focus. These practices offer a discreet way to manage stress and self-soothe, empowering adolescents to use them in both private and public settings.

Deepening Emotional Resilience through Mindfulness

Our platform extends beyond breathing exercises to include comprehensive mindfulness practices specifically designed to build emotional resilience. Mindfulness helps adolescents on the autism spectrum to cultivate a heightened awareness of their thoughts and feelings without overwhelming judgment. This practice encourages a balanced response to their emotions, aiding in reducing episodes of anxiety and stress, particularly useful in unpredictable or socially demanding situations.

Enhancing Cognitive Abilities

The daily exercises available through 14 Step also contribute to enhanced cognitive function. Regular mindfulness and breathing practices have been shown to improve concentration and attention span. This is particularly beneficial for autistic adolescents, helping them to remain focused during schoolwork and exams, and providing them with tools to refocus when distractions arise.

Creating Consistency &Ā Routine

Autistic adolescents often thrive on consistency and routine, which helps manage the unpredictability of daily life. The 14 Step platform facilitates a structured schedule of mindfulness and breathing practices that can be a calming anchor in their day. Regular engagement with the platform can help establish a routine that not only promotes personal growth and independence but also provides a predictable and reassuring presence in their lives.

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Autism Spectrum Family Plan



  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Daily Breath-Work
  • Daily Journal
  • Monthly Parent Calls
  • Discounted Opportunities for 1:1 Coaching for Parents or Child with Autism

** This offering is only for children on the spectrum & their families

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Money-Back Mindfulness Plan



  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Daily Breath-Work
  • Daily Journal
  • AllowanceĀ System
  • Money Management Templates
  • Monthly Parent Calls

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1:1 Wellness Transformation Plan



  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Daily Breath-Work
  • Daily Journal
  • In-Depth Experiential Sessions
  • Nuanced Solutions
  • Potential In-Person Sessions

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Support for the Whole Family


Understanding that supporting an autistic adolescent is a family journey, 14 Step also offers resources for parents and siblings. These resources help families create an environment that supports the growth and development of their autistic family member, while also caring for their own emotional and psychological needs.

In conclusion, the 14 Step platform aims to empower adolescents with autism to navigate their critical developmental years with greater ease and confidence. It is not just about managing autism, but about harnessing their unique perspective and skills, enabling them to lead fulfilling and independent lives.