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Discover why families worldwide use 14 Step’s daily practice to cultivate their child's mindfulness & money management skills.

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We empower the youth with tools to cultivate mindfulness & effective money management skills.

14 Steps

Let's see if 14 Step is a fit for your family.

Take this short parent assessment, and we will send you one for your 10-17 year old child.

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At 14 Step, we strongly believe that cultivating healthy financial habits at a younger age is crucial for securing a successful and stress-free future in the modern world.

Soothing Sounds

Guided Breath

Money-Back Mindfulness


Our Mission is to empower our youth by teaching them (early in life) how to use their breath as a tool for relaxation and presence.. as well as provide them with the skills, habits, and emotional insight needed to make sound financial decisions, ensuring a prosperous future.


Ultimately, our youth hold the key to shaping the future landscape of our society. By nurturing their understanding and awareness of complex thoughts & emotions, in relationship to the way they interact with money, we, in turn, pave the way for a generation capable of making conscious movement towards a prosperous and fulfilling life.


New Content Daily from Anywhere

The 14 Step is designed to incorporate a 10-15 minute challenge into your child's daily routine with breathwork and a journal component. 

Beyond the daily content, the youth can explore additional materials on the topics of mindfulness, breath, and financial literacy.

In this way, we get the youth to clarify their thoughts, process, and communicate their ideas on these topics.

We utilize the Socratic method in our practices, aka asking more questions instead of telling them all the answers.


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Age-appropriate lessons on saving & spending wisely.

Guided exercises & introspective journals.

Transform moments of anxiety into opportunities for growth.

Your hosts, Hunter & Megan

We guide individuals into a state of relaxation so they can access parts of themselves that are usually outside of their daily awareness. This helps people to access increased energy, emotional understanding, and awareness, which leads to a better quality of life and the ability to thrive.

After over a decade of working in youth studies and therapeutic settings, we came to the realization that focusing on mindset alone is not an effective approach to transformation. Therefore, we adopted an experiential approach that has accelerated the progress of our youth clients.


Imagine how much better prepared they would be if they learned early on how to observe their thoughts and emotions without feeling overwhelmed.


Imagine how much better equipped they would be to manage their finances if they learned how to save and invest early on.. as a reward for their mindfulness practice. 


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Tito & Nicole Mikelson

I'm also loving the videos. Particularly Hunter's "you've lived to see another day" & Megan's "you're one of the lucky ones." It really puts me into an instant state of gratitude.

Rena & Joseph Cohen

It's been our pleasure being able to work together with you both. Thank you for making changes so quickly after our feedback. Our son is super excited and loves seeing the leaderboard.