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where families impacted by Autism can practice, share & grow together, finding peace and stability in their everyday lives through our simple daily practice.

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Welcome to the 14 Step App

We offer a space where families impacted by Autism can practice, share, and grow together, finding peace and stability in their everyday lives through the medicine of breathing.

14 Step releases a new experiential video every day, designed to help your family incorporate a 10-15 minute practice into their daily routine. The video includes breathwork, sound therapy, and a journal component aimed at helping young people clarify their feelings. You can watch the content at your convenience on any device, including desktops, laptops, TVs, tablets, and mobile devices.


Our platform is more than just a set of tools—it’s a movement towards embracing and supporting the unique developmental journey of the entire family. 


Soothing Sounds

Guided Breath

Simple Journals


The 14 Step platform facilitates a structured schedule of mindfulness and breathing practices that can be a calming anchor day by day. Regular engagement with the platform can help establish a routine that not only promotes emotional regulation, grounding and relaxation, but also provides a predictable and reassuring presence in their lives.

We aim to empower families to navigate their critical developmental years with greater ease and confidence by learning how to breathe, day by day- breathing together, and reminding each other that we are not alone.


Christian & Nicole Mikelson

I'm also loving the videos. Particularly Hunter's "you've lived to see another day" & Megan's "you're one of the lucky ones." It really puts me into an instant state of gratitude.

Zachary Baird

Thank you so much for this! I was in a lying position trying to work away at some underlying anxiety - and through taking about 10 deep breaths in through my nose and out of my mouth with you, I felt the muscles in my stomach ease up about 15x, ending the last 5 mins with stretching, thank you again!

Rena & Joseph Cohen

It's been our pleasure being able to work together with you both. Thank you for making changes so quickly after our feedback. Our son is super excited and loves seeing the leaderboard.

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Your hosts, Hunter & Megan

After over a decade of working in youth studies and therapeutic settings, we realized that mindset alone is not an effective approach to transformation. Therefore, we adopted an experiential approach that has accelerated the progress of our youth clients - presence, breathwork, and reflection.