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The 14 Step platform gives your young learner access to the type of skills that you may have wished you’d had when you were younger. It is a conscious platform that embraces both conscious parenting and evolved teaching.

Because we are a small, tightknit community - you will be experiencing on-demand support and connection calls to talk about your needs and challenges throughout your journey with us. 

With a 14 Step membership, you not only have access to daily practices, but also downloadable resources and introspective quizzes that your young learner can take at their own pace, and interactive daily practices that gives them an opportunity to be motivated and earn money.

All of this for less than $2 a day.

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First: Login

You will receive an email with your login info. Be sure to log in and save your password. You will also receive an option to sign your young learner up for their own “mission mail.”

It is recommended that they have their own email address (monitored by you) for mail.

Watch the Welcome Video

The Welcome Video will walk you through the world of 14 Step.

You will know where to start and how to choose a money plan that suits you.

Select your 1st daily practice


You begin on whichever day we are on. There is no such thing as ahead or behind in 14 Step ... unless you're looking at the Leaderboard!

The Leaderboard will keep track of your earnings as you complete the daily practice each day.

Then You Get the Hang of it!

Put 15 minutes a day into your schedule. Make sure that you have the place and time you want to participate each day to maintain the habit.  

Finally: You're Earning Money Back


Each day you participate you earn back part of your parent's subscription. This money is kept track of, and utilized to achieve your financial goals (ex: saving for a car, college, or for an adventure).

Join 14 Step 

Watch anywhere, anytime, and grow at a steady pace.

Money-Back Mindfulness



  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Daily Breath-Work
  • Daily Journal
  • Allowance System
  • Money Management Templates
  • Monthly Parent Calls

** Service has the potential to be absolutely free

Let's Start

1:1 Individualized Support



  • Daily Guided Meditation
  • Daily Breath-Work
  • Daily Journal
  • In-Depth Experiential Sessions
  • Nuanced Solutions to Personal Situations
  • Potential In-Person Sessions

** Prepare to determine if we are a good fit or not on the Discovery Call below

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Feel Seen, Heard & Supported with the 14 Step App for Ages 10-17

(and their parents)


This amazing mobile application offers daily guided breathwork content to help you find peace and tranquility after a hectic day.

By starting a 7-day free trial, you can access daily breathwork exercises that can help you recharge your energy levels or achieve a state of calmness whenever you need.

The app also provides you with powerful tools to process your emotions and release any tension, empowering you to enhance your overall well-being and live life to the fullest.