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  • 14 Step is a play on words, ‚ÄėFor Teen Step,‚Äô dedicated to the new generation of youth ages 10-17.¬†¬†Kids who do well on our platform can often be introverts but not always.¬†¬†Also, they are typically well-behaved in school and at home (for the most part), motivated to earn money, and interested in mindfulness as a way to increase focus and relaxation in a natural way. They are also technologically savvy and have access to a phone or computer at least part of the day.

  • ¬†The families we have the honor of serving approach digital health with an open mind and have both the resources and eagerness to extend their children's education beyond traditional classrooms. They acknowledge the benefits of mindfulness practices, such as breathing exercises and journaling, especially when these practices are maintained consistently over time. Additionally, these families are committed to having a loving & trusting relationship with their children. They understand the significance of financial literacy, being present, and emotional intelligence. They aim to nurture these qualities in their children from an early age, with patience and encouragement throughout the journey.

  • ¬†14 Step is not for kids who are in need of serious help. If you are a parent with a child who is going through a mental health crisis, addiction, self-harm, suicidal ideation, or violence towards yourself or others, you can reach out to us, and we can support you in finding the right help.

What (are the benefits)? 

  • By incorporating 14 Step into their daily life, children will practice mindfulness and financial planning together. They will learn to handle emotions and stress gracefully and develop a proactive approach to saving and investing. This dual emphasis is designed to prepare the next generation with the tools for a calm, abundant, and fulfilling life, reflecting the broader mission of transforming our society‚Äôs future landscape through empowered youth.

  • The program‚Äôs unique reward system motivates children by offering both tangible and intangible rewards for their daily commitment. Engaging in daily breathwork teaches them emotional regulation and how to release fears, negativity, insecurity, and anger, leading to more peace, relaxation, happiness, trust, and clarity. The money they earn through participating not only builds their confidence but also links financial rewards with the calmness they experience from daily breathwork.

  • The structure of the program promotes consistency and responsibility, valuable traits in all life aspects. Children gradually earn back their subscription fee, gaining a deep understanding of what discipline can achieve.

  • ¬†By choosing 14 Step, parents invest in their child‚Äôs comprehensive development, fostering a generation that is mindful, emotionally intelligent, and financially ‚Äúat ease‚ÄĚ. This investment prepares for a future where making calm, mindful decisions and having a healthy relationship to money become innate to tomorrow‚Äôs leaders.


  • 14 Step is powered by Kajabi ... so not only can you access the daily practice and resources on your desktop through but your child can also download the Kajabi Communities app for easy access.


  • 14 Step is intended to be a daily practice‚ÄĒwhether it's before school, after school, before dinner, or before bedtime. What‚Äôs important is that it becomes part of a routine. We suggest our kids set aside 15 minutes each day for the 14 Step practice, encouraging consistency by making it a habit to perform it at the same time daily, if possible.


  • Log in to 14 STEP &¬†find a comfortable, distraction-free spot to sit

  • Click¬†the "Challenges" tab¬†for your¬†daily mindfulness video

  • Click "Join" and¬†focus on¬†the guided breathing

  • Listen for¬†today's color, number, and animal codes

  • Click the link next to the daily video to submit your journal

  • Complete these steps¬†before the day is over (at 12:00 AM EST)

  • You earn money back every day that you complete these steps

  • Submit your daily journal, then click¬†the WEEKLY turn-in link¬†

  • Set a short-term & long-term goal for yourself

  • Record your money plan

  • 14 STEP will tally your¬†participation

  • You will be sent a receipt so you can keep track of your earnings

  • The money you earn from the week is transferred to your parents

  • You can then check on your money, and use it according to plan

  • You can earn up to $50 per week, and +$10 for every friend you invite to the platform¬†¬†


  • Ultimately, our youth hold the key to shaping the future landscape of our society. By nurturing their understanding and awareness of complex thoughts & emotions, in relationship to how¬†they interact with money, we, in turn, pave the way for a generation capable of having a peaceful, prosperous, and fulfilling life.¬†

Request a Discovery Call

to get to know who we are and what we do.



Step 1: Connect

The first step is to contact us. It is highly recommended parents speak with us directly to better discuss their youth and understand more about their needs. As part of our initial call, we will discuss important information to help us better understand and support your youth, including:

  • Age
  • Behaviors
  • Beliefs
  • Family Dynamics
  • School Dynamics
  • Other Factors

Call us to speak with our Admissions team at 586-298-0498

Step 2: Review Your Unique Needs

Once you have supplied an application, our Admissions team will call you to discuss if 14 Step is the right program for your teen. Factors of suitability include mental health needs, technological capacity, and self-motivation. This conversion will help us to build a personalized plan designed specially to give your youth the support they need. If you feel confident, you can check out and start the subscription.

Step 3: Transition

The final step is creating a transition plan for your youth. You will have help from one of our admission team members to figure out the best way to get your youth started with 14 Step.


Tips for Motivating Your Teen with 14 Step


DON'T Compare Your Children


Every child is unique and deserves to be appreciated for their own strengths and abilities. Comparing your child to their siblings, classmates, or friends can be hurtful and discouraging. Please avoid making statements like, "Why can't you get good grades like your sister?" or "Your friends all got A's on their projects!?" Instead, try to focus on your child's individual progress and achievements. Remember, your child is doing their best, and comparing them to others can make them feel like they're not good enough.


DON'T Criticize or Complain About Your Child's Efforts


If your child is experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties, it's important to be supportive and understanding. Criticizing their efforts can be demotivating and make the problem worse. Please avoid labeling your child as "lazy" or "unmotivated". Instead, try to understand their difficulties and ask how you can help. By working together, you can find solutions that work for your child's unique situation. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your support and encouragement.


DO Be Your Child's Cheerleader


Celebrating your child's successes, no matter how small, is important for their self-esteem and motivation. Please make sure to praise your child for their progress and achievements. If your child is struggling with negative self-talk, try to challenge those thoughts with positive affirmations. Show your child that you believe in them and their abilities. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your encouragement to keep going.


DO Communicate with His or Her Teachers, Coaches, and Counselors


If you notice that your child is struggling in school, please reach out to their teachers, coaches, or counselors. They can provide valuable insights into your child's academic and emotional needs. By working together, you can ensure that your child is receiving the support they need to succeed. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your help to overcome their challenges.


DO Have Your Child Screened for a Learning Disability or Neurodevelopment Issue


If your child is struggling in school, it's important to rule out any underlying learning disabilities or neurodevelopmental issues. By having your child screened, you can identify any potential obstacles to their academic success. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your help to overcome any barriers to their learning.


DO Look for Signs of Depression and Anxiety


Depression and anxiety can be serious issues that affect your child's motivation and well-being. If you suspect that your child is struggling with these issues, please seek the help of a therapist or medical professional. With the right support, your child can overcome their challenges and thrive. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your love and support to get through difficult times.


DO Focus on Intrinsic Motivation


Helping your child develop a sense of intrinsic motivation is key to their long-term success. By celebrating their efforts and unique strengths, you can help your child discover their passions and interests. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your guidance and support to find their path in life.


DO Put Them in the Driver's Seat


As your child grows and matures, it's important to give them more independence and control over their own lives. By letting your child choose their own goals and aspirations, you can help them develop a sense of autonomy and self-determination. Remember, your child is doing their best, and they need your trust and support to become confident and capable adults.

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